Wednesday, February 9, 2011

Perspective is Everything

This week's story comes from Larissa Flanders of Carbondale Michigan:

"Wow, sorry about the picture -- I know it's hard to tell what's going on here, but it's the best picture we have, and it was just such a crazy day I had to share. That's me and my friend Joni, and what's supposed to be happening is us riding on one of those pull-a-parachute-behind-a-speedboat thingys you see at resorts, which I guess you can kinda see. What you don't see is our friend Ryan laughing like a maniac because he'd promised the driver an extra fifty if he managed to shake us off our little perch. (He knew were strapped in and there was no chance of actually falling -- he's mischievous, not a sociopath.) Neither of us are particularly afraid of heights, but you know, you get up in the air like that, and the resort was all-inclusive so we may have had a drink or two, and we were screeching and holding on for dear life, but we did finally fall off and flip over, like you can see. Ryan was our photographer, but with being in a speeding boat and having hysterics of his own, this was the only pic he managed. We gave him hell when we finally got down, but it was a hell of a ride, and we get to tell a good holiday story.

"Oh, and I guess, the reason we were topless was because we were on vacation, and we could be. Simple as that."

Well, Larissa, we have to admit, your flashing episode is a little more incidental to the story than we usually feature here at S.A.F.Y.B.F., but I personally am a sucker for all-inclusive vacations and the inevitable hijinks that ensue, so we'll let it slide this time. Thanks for your contribution, and say thanks to Ryan for us.

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