Wednesday, November 17, 2010

We Come In Peace

My friends -- in the world today, there are countless opportunities to brighten someone's day with the power of positive nudity. Whether it's a private flash shared between two friends or a more public expression of good will to a complete stranger, there are as many ways to contribute as there are people on Earth. Of course, even though each flashing episode is a completely unique event, we here at S.A.F.Y.B.F. have noticed certain trends, certain patterns that start to recur over time. We are always pleasantly surprised when we open our mail and find the latest submissions, but rarely is the type of flash going to be something we have never seen before.

So, colour us delighted when Sheryl-Lynn Anderson of Harpers Corners Iowa sent us this picture, letting us know that it's not just men, women and livestock that can benefit from a flash, but even visitors from outer space can have the cockles of their two redundant hearts warmed by such a pleasant greeting. As Ms. Anderson so eloquently puts it, "I, for one, welcome our new alien overlords, and the best way I know to welcome them is in my birthday suit."

Wednesday, November 3, 2010

The Not-So-Lone Prairie

We here at S.A.F.Y.B.F. are always keen to point out the altruistic efforts of those good souls who offer to brighten a stranger's day with some spontaneous nudity, and in that spirit we introduce this next story.

Sabrina Delaney of Thistleton Nebraska (pictured here with her friend Beverly Silas) has made a point of showing her boobs to as many cross-country trains as she can over the past seventeen months. "I started by flashing morning commuter trains -- and don't get me wrong, that's a noble goal as well," she says, "but it just dawned on me that the people who could really use a pick-me-up are the ones who have been breathing recirculated air for the past seven hours. Believe me, if I could flash transatlantic flights, I would."

Makes sense to us, and as soon as we perfect that personal jet-pack that's been kicking around the garage work bench, you can bet Sabrina will be the first person we contact.