Wednesday, January 5, 2011

All Kinds of Therapy

To get straight to the visual part of the post this week:

Of course, we at S.A.F.Y.B.F. are big proponents of water safety, so we were a little hesitant to show this picture. We are obviously adamant about how fantastic the friendly boob flash is, but even at our most zealous we wouldn't argue that unexpected skin can be a little distracting, and distracted is not necessarily the state of mind you want to be in when you find yourself neck-deep in salt water.

Fortunately, the letter we received with this photo put our concerns to rest. As Julian Carpenter of Arlen Texas lets us know, "A couple of years ago, I lost my shins in an unfortunate machine gun incident, and had my feet reattached at the knee. As you can imagine, the transition has put a lot of strain on my body, and I end up doing a lot of physio, just trying to keep myself healthy. My friend Sondra knows how tough this can be (she blew out her ankle playing jai alai years ago), so on top of inviting me to the beach to help me get a change of scenery from the rehab centre whirlpool, she's taken to walking around topless to give me some extra pleasant scenery to focus on. I tell you what, Sondra just shows me so much love -- I feel five feet tall."

Thanks, Julian, and you too Sondra. Keep up the good work -- you're both ten feet tall in our book.

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